Witcher 3 Decisions – Keira Metz

I’m enjoying Witcher 3 enough to feel the need to talk about this game when I’m not playing it. Since it’s been out for almost three weeks I figure that it’s safe enough to start talking about my decisions and experiences in more detail for this game. I’m going to do this on a storyline basis, hopefully the title makes it pretty clear which part of the story I’m on about.

If in doubt, assume there’s spoiler’s ahead.

You meet Keira while in the village of Midcopse, during your investigating into the whereabouts of Ciri, in Velen. After spotting her outside her cottage it was obvious that there was some history between the two of them. I happily went inside the cottage, examined every aspect of her cottage (including going down in the cellar to loot everything from there too) before traversing through the portal. There wasn’t any modesty and, with this being my first sorceress encounter after Yennefer, I’m starting to think that none of them care. Fair enough, Geralt doesn’t either!

It didn’t take long for this to become a “do something for me and I’ll help you situation” and with it being such a good lead on Ciri I happily jumped at helping her and headed off to the elven mage’s lair. As this was my first story missing, I was pleasantly surprised at the complexity of it. There were puzzles, some of which I found a little bit taxing – but only because I got hopelessly lost and headed off in the wrong direction, then I think I mistook a dog for a horse, but other than that it was just the right level of difficult. The fight encounters were challenging but not unfair and though I struggles with the first boss troll, I had limited problems that the wild hunt guy even if he was regenerating to full health after each stage! Typically, the mage wasn’t there and I didn’t really expect it to be that easy. I liked the fact that there were a lot of red quest items to examine, even after the one I was supposed to find had been found. Sometimes games make the extra decoy items pointless afterwards but this one still had them highlighting as red and I happily investigated and read everything I could get my hands on before leaving.

On the way out, Keira wanted my help to find the lamp and I chose to help her. I figured it couldn’t do much harm and I might find something more – you never know. I was right and stumbled across a place of power. I’m still not one hundred percent sure on the purpose but it gave me an ability point and improved my sign for a certain amount of time, helpful against the next guardian boss. I looted all the goodies and then left. With the main storyline over, Keira asked me to come back to her shed as she had something else to ask me. Feeling as though my Geralt would happily help out a friend, I decided to go.
This time Geralt was told about a curse on Fyke Island. Geralt found it interesting and removing curses is part of the job description so off we set with her lantern in toe, sailing a ship. When he arrived he almost died to the scary beasts in the swamps where I parked the boat but managed to get away and happily followed the ghosts around. It didn’t take long for me to decide that the curse legend was wrong – the peasants weren’t the helpless victims in this! I followed the tower up, fighting my way through (and getting scared by the slamming doors, I don’t do ghost stuff well) before finding Anabelle.

My first decision was easy to make – no way in hell was I taking her bones off this island! I had visions of her running around destroying everything on the mainland. I felt as though she had already killed and had lied to me by saying she hadn’t left the room. After defeating her after she got mad I went and found Graham, bringing him to see Anabelle. I let him know that it was going to be odd and let him know he couldn’t show fear. I felt as though it was implied he might not live through it and he seemed to accept that. Good job because he died pretty quickly! After doing all this I looted around and discovered that the mage, Alexander, had been experimenting. I knew from a letter at Keira’s place that she had known Alexander, wonder if she knew about the experiments he was doing. He didn’t seem to be a nice mage.

Things to do for Keira were still a go, though, as she was missing some transport now. I happily went and found it, expecting it to be alchemy and mage equipment but instead it appeared to be food and wine. Interesting, so I went back to Keira and quizzed her. She asked me to go on a date and so I raced her to the meadow (and won!) and we had a lovely meal that ended with a lovely time for both of us. Until she put me to sleep afterwards!

Waking up, it appeared she had gone to the tower – not even waiting to find a boat Geralt jumped straight into the water and swam across to Fyke Island. We arrived just as she was heading back outside after stealing Alexander’s notes. She had known and planned to sell the cure to Radovid in order to get out of the countryside. Knowing that it was too dangerous for mages anywhere in this world, I convinced her to go to Kaer Morhen and give me the notes instead.

As of writing, I have no idea if I’ll see her again. I think I’ve heard that I get to go to Kaer Morhen in the game and so I hope to see her, at the very least I’m pretty sure I saved her from some sort of horrible death and got a nice trophy to go alongside. I’ll update this if I run into her again!

Update: Yes, I ran into her again! Later on at Kaer Morhen she saved Lambert and then the two of them went happily ever after into the distance. I wonder if me saving Keira caused her to save Lambert. It’s making me want a second play-through to see how different the story might be.

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