Queen of Sorcery

The Accursed One is not dead…

He only sleeps…

The evil God Torak covets dominion over all men. If the stolen Orb of Aldur reaches him, he will surely gain what he desires.

Garion travels through strange lands with master sorcerers Belgarath and Polgara in frantic pursuit of the Orb. But as his own powers grow, Garion starts to realize that he too may have a part to play – a part he is not sure he wants…


Once again, the book starts with a historical prologue that hints at what’s to come. After the first book being so close to what was in the prologue I felt disheartened that it may prove the same this time. If it did, then I couldn’t tell. In truth, this could be because it took me longer to get through this book than the last one – almost twice as long. This wasn’t for lack of time, I had plenty of time, it just didn’t grip me the way that the last one did.

I’m not sure if I can pinpoint exactly why. If I were to try, then it’s primarily because nothing really seemed to happen. They kept travelling and travelling, travelling and travelling some more. There was a single twist in the plot line that I wasn’t expecting – no spoilers – but I probably could have seen it coming! There’s a slight mystery but even that doesn’t present itself in “mystery format” until the last chapter or two.

The characters were still interesting, I felt that Silk, Durnik and Barak all had quite unique and individual personality traits about them. Garion was fairly irritating in this book with his teenage angst, but that’s to be expected. I also realised that we only get told anything that Garion is seen or told. An interesting writing tactic that did pull me through the book to see what other characters had been up to “behind the scenes”.

Overall, it was an okay book that suffered from being a bit of a filler book. I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first time through but I still want to read the third one, hopefully things will pick up!


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