Fallout: New Vegas – Begins

I was thinking of doing a Lets Play of New Vegas but, to be honest, one is quite time consuming when it comes to gathering all the screenshots, going through, and putting the story to them, so I decided to just play it and instead do updates about my thoughts of it. I have tried to play Fallout: New Vegas before, I’ve also tried to play Fallout 3, I’ve never really got very far in either of them. When it comes to free roam games like these I have always found it easier to dedicate time to them when they’re console based, but with the PS4 soon being in use for Witcher 3 I figured now was a good time to get to grips with these games on PC.

I’ve started the game as a female called Linia. She’s mainly focused on Speech, Energy Weapons and Science with a fair amount in Barter and Lockpicking taking a close fifth. I’ve always enjoyed playing these games as a diplomatic figure, talking my way out of problems instead of fighting and generally taking the option that appears “right” in the mindset of the character. Traditionally, my first character in morale choice games will be the “good guy” trying to help the people they care about. I usually do second playthrough as the “out for myself” style character.

So far, I’ve done the tutorial and wandered around Goodsprings talking to people. I got to know the Doctor, my saviour Victor, the bartender Trudy, a former prospector called Easy Pete, and tutorial lady Sunny Smiles. I got to grips with the combat a lot easier than on my previous attempts of playing this game. Who knows why but it came in handy while clearing out the schoolhouse and hacking the terminal to access the safe. I did enjoy the puzzle for hacking, I even went so far as to write all the words out on paper in order to solve the puzzle and figure out the right word – I did use to play a lot of mastermind when I was younger which was good training for this.

With a successful hacking, I looted the schoolhouse and headed into the gas station to help the guy called Ringo, who the girls in the town wanted to help. I figured why not since they’d helped me? One fixed radio and a battle with the villagers later we emerged successful and Joe Cobbs was no more. With no more quests currently active in Goodsprings it seemed to be a good time to take a break and reflect. The next aim is to head to Primm, I believe, and find out more about who it was that tried to kill me.

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