12 Days of Anime

In the lead up to Christmas, each year, the aniblogging community challenge themselves to write 12 posts. There’s no specification as to what they need to be about, just 12 posts related to anime in some way. In 2017 I took part and this is the place to find those, and any other 12 Days of Anime posts.


  1. 10 Anime Characters That Stuck With Me
  2. Sakura Quest & Representation
  3. Review: Tsuki ga Kirei
  4. Relationships in Anime
  5. Review: Scum’s Wish
  6. The Hype Surrounding Steins;Gate
  7. Review: Recovery of an MMO Junkie
  8. Ancient Magus’ Bride Thoughts
  9. Review: Sakura Quest
  10. March Comes in like a Lion Thoughts
  11. Review: The Royal Tutor
  12. A Year of Anime